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Artist’s Work

Hubley is still searching for
hidden meanings .recomposing
rather than recreating she found
the Lin Valley mountains
fascinating for their age and for
the ubiquitous mist that gives an
air of secrecy. By contrast, the
comparatively younger mountains
of New Hampshire have a more
majestic quality. Mountains are
more than imposing marvels of
geography to Hubley. They are
also intriguing for their
underground anatomy. She has
long been interested in what she
calls above-below relationships Mountains are also reminders of the passage of time, another theme.

Ellen Grimm, The Telegraph












Artist's Statement

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My goal is to use symbolic imagery to create expressive art. I hope to
touch the imagination of the viewer, to use sensual shapes and colorful
textures to create intuitive and intellectual perceptions, to tap into the
viewer’s memories.

My imagery uses the specific to invoke the universal. Winged seeds may
evoke time travel while falling leaves evoke cyclic change. My original
prints and paintings use motifs from nature,. Examples of my themes are:
an analogy of the cosmic vs. the microscopic, the contrast of the mental
geography of above versus below, and a suggested juxtaposition of time &

In printmaking, I have found a medium that communicates both
with esthetic simplicity and with textural detail. Experimenting
with new approaches to technical issues appeals to the craftsman
component of my art personality.

Watercolor’s potential for expression of mood through color attracts me.
The strokes of the brush reveal the artist’s creative process; it is a record
of the character of intent. Different painting papers create varied effects,
such as the use of ‘rice’ paper to express both delicacy and intricacy.

Photography, whether the traditional darkroom or digital techniques,
gives me a means to suggest the viewer analyze the symbols. My digital
folios, such as the Postal Stamp series, arrange cultural imagery to
explore socio-political topics.

I feel that creating this website is like inviting you to visit my studio.
Even if you do not live close enough to visit or to take tutorial studies
with me, please take the time to comment thoughtfully in the guest book.

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