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Relief Printing

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Design Workshops in Water Based Media

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Student workshops are available to institutions starting with grade school and up in watercolor or water based media and sixth grade and up for relief linoleum cuts and for collagraph prints.

In linocut classes and workshops I teach the design principle of counterchange (reversal of black and white positive/negative sections of the image). For longer workshops, color layering and transparent mixing with multiple plate registration can be approached. The students become acquainted with the creative process of translating an idea from drawing to design and the craftsmanship involved in printing a small edition. During my workshops I teach about the history of the medium and the quality of the papers used, with short descriptions of the making of rag/rice paper and inks. Students will become familiar with the difference between a hand made print and commercial duplication.

Water based media classes are flexible to any goals, including thematic workshops.

Collagraph prints can be made of recycling scrap materials as they are essentially printed collages. I have had success  in coordinating between a college and a school in the same locality. Collages with low relief are sealed to be impervious to moisture, inked, and printed.

An exciting new venture for me is workshops in Drypoint Plexiprint. The Spring I will be giving my first drypoint workshop to middle and high school students. Drypoint refers to any intaglio print created by scratching into a plexiglass plate surface, rubbing ink into the lines, and then printing.

Prices for workshops are negotiable depending on the length of classes/workshop and the distance in traveling required.

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