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New Testament Suite


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Etching Suites - New Hampshire Suite

'Ol Man of the Mountain

The Basin

The Flume


Frost's Territory

Mt. Monadnock

Mt. Washington





New England Chess


Seashore Meditation




The sublime landscape and spirit of New Hampshire impressed my sensibilities as it became my adopted state. It may be ‘corny’ for natives of this state to admire ‘tourist attractions,’ but everything was new to me – right down to the blues of the sky. The only site that was familiar in its majesty was The Old Man of the Mountain, which I remember my father pointing out to me on a family trip when I was just knee high. Later, I read Hawthorne’s short story on the same. I now use my father's initials for the two middle initials in my artist name. There’s a story or two behind each one of these etchings, which I will be happy to share if requested.

The NH Suite etchings are 28" x 22" or 22" x 28” The cost is $500.00 dollars unframed for all except 'Ol Man and Mt. Monadnock, which are $800 unframed because the edition of these two are almost sold out.  The whole suite can be purchased unframed for $5000.00, with a 20% discount to a NH educational institution.

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