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New Testament Suite


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Etching Suites - New Testament Suite

Lilies of the Field


Know the Tree
by the Fruit


Separating the Wheat
from the Chaff


Seed Falleth on
Varied Ground


Faith of the Mustard Seed





The New Testament Suite symbolizes lessons on how to live one’s life. Be happy as the many colored Lilies of the Field. If questioning validity, know the tree by the fruit it bears. Separate the valuable from the ordinary. Let your soul become nourishing ground and that which it grows will be powerful enough to move mountains, even if the seed of grace you receive is as small as a Mustard seed. In all death, there is also Resurrection.

Etchings from the New Testament Suite, 20 x 16", are priced the same as the Old Testament Suite, with" Faith of the Mustard Seed" and "Seed Falling on Varied Ground" the higher price; these editions (only six of each) being almost all taken by appreciators. A complete suite can still be purchased.


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