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a purchaser   an exhibitor   a school   a potential student

Please indicate whether you are interested in
Purchasing art
Displaying art work
Sponsoring a workship or class
Taking a workship or class
Commssioning art
Commissioning a personalised poster

If interested in exhibiting work, please indicate if you are,
a gallery owner   an independent curator   an art museum

If interested in classes at The Studio for Fine Art in Nashua NH,
Which Class would you be interseted in?
Drawing & Design   Water Color   Painting

If interested in Printmaking, choose
Etching(Non-Toxic)   Relief   Collagraph   Plexi-Drypoint   Monotype

For what age group?
8-11 years   12-15 years   16-18 years   Adult

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If interested in Workshops for Schools, choose
Designing using Counterchange in Black and White Relief Printing
Layering and Registering Color Relief Printing
Printmaking using Plexi-Drypoint and Monopoint
Color Collagraphs Using Scrap Materials

For what Grade?
6th-7th   8th-9th   10th-12th   Adult