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Digital Images
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Political Stamps

Momento Marilyn



Women's Room

Male Odyssey


Political Dreams

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Suffering Knows
No Borders



Papal Stamp

A Child's Faith

Madonna of the Ice





The Stamp Series expresses the politically, or at least socially, involved aspects of my soul and mind.  I owe inspiration to the critical and aesthetic legacy of Hannah Hoch and the feminist movement. The blending of my own photographs with distorted popular imagery creates a collage that must be studied in order to read  the subtle aspects of the meaning.  In many cases knowledge of current events or history is needed to interpret the stamps.

I encourage anyone who is interested in these images to apply for an archival enlargement to display as these images are intended to stimulate thought and influence opinion.


2005 Copyright Loretta CR Hubley. All rights are reserved