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       Loretta CR Hubley's introduction at River College, Nashua, NH.

I remember one of my college roommate saying “ Loretta, You’re the sort of person who would find meaning in a falling leaf! “ My reaction was “Doesn’t everybody find meaning in a falling leaf?”

Since receiving my masters from the University of Maryland, I still ask that question and follow it up with “If they don’t, why not?” I hope my art helps viewers recognize their personal connections to nature and the spiritual. By using images inspired by observation and imagined creatively, I invoke the universal.

Printmaking, especially etching and lithography, has always managed to absorb me in a way that makes me forget time and effort. Further studies in Edinburgh,
Scotland, taught me non-toxic methods of intaglio printing. Each original print is a work of art that could not be created in any other medium. Sometimes I hand print small editions of ten or less, signing each with the edition number. The prints are hand-made and so are not exactly alike as might be in a photograph, but so much the same that any buyer would want to know the existence of the others. This small edition size is considered rare and ensures that at least some of my images will survive to be appreciated by future generations.

I have a special affinity for painting with watercolor on rice paper. The delicate strength of both surface and paint seems compatible and gives evocative results.
Also, I have become re-absorbed in the oil painting I loved in college, but with a greater presence of mood through actual applied textures and layers of opaque and transparent color.

My college teaching has given me access to training in the computer arts and to a professional computer lab. Right now I am using creative computer techniques to change snapshots into effective pictures of the grace of people interacting with each other at a local help center for the mentally challenged.

I have been lucky to be able to receive professional education for my artistic talent, but I also have striven to give back by teaching art. I hope you will use the guest book to inquire about classes in my studio or workshops I might be able to bring to your location. Right now I am teaching college art and also mixed media classes for 6 to 9 year olds at the Y! The wide difference in ages makes it always new.

I like to think that another way I give back is by displaying my art in group and in solo exhibitions -, and by selling it to the truly appreciative. I have displayed my art in professional juried shows located in Eastern, Midwest, and Western parts of America and am represented in private and public collections here and abroad. I hope you will seriously consider purchasing an original “Hubley” based on your own feelings of connectedness to or inspiration from the art.

Loretta CR Hubley


Contact Loretta at: loretta@lorettacrhubley.com




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